October 4, 2022

For Elysa Foundation Gala

Last weekend, SWR supported the For Elysa Foundation by attending its annual fundraising gala.  The For Elysa Foundation was established in honor of Elysa Rojas, an energetic little girl who suddenly died of viral myocarditis.  The foundation is dedicated to improving education of healthcare providers and the community about viral myocarditis and other causes of pediatric sudden cardiac arrest, providing support to children and families affected by pediatric cardiac conditions, and funding research in the field of viral myocarditis and enhancing diagnosis and treatment of myocarditis and related cardiac conditions.  In addition to learning more about the Foundation’s mission and research, SWR contributed to the gala’s success, with this year’s funds dedicated to furthering research and funding free mental health support for local families whose children have been diagnosed with a serious cardiac condition.  To learn more, please visit www.ForElysa.org.